Young boy attacked by three sharks in Bahamas after tourists threw food in water

A British schoolboy had a harrowing encounter with three sharks while on a family vacation in the Caribbean, triggering an urgent rescue effort amidst a feeding frenzy.

Eight-year-old Finley Downer was enjoying a holiday in The Bahamas with his family when the horrifying incident occurred during an excursion to Compass Cay.

The family, including Finley’s father Michael, 44, and his siblings Lily, nine, and Emily, 12, had embarked on the trip, which also included swimming with pigs.

According to accounts from Finley’s mother Kerry, 40, who is divorced from Mr. Downer, the tragedy unfolded when tourists began tossing food scraps into the water, attracting a group of nurse sharks. Unaware of the potential danger, Finley ventured into the water as part of the tour, only to be viciously attacked by the sharks, the Guardian reported.

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The distressing scene left Finley with severe injuries to both legs, with large chunks of flesh torn away. Mr. Downer described the ordeal as “like a scene out of Jaws,” adding that Finlay had begged: “Dad, I don’t want to die.”

Thanks to the quick actions of a nurse among the tourists, Finley received initial medical attention to stem the bleeding. Subsequently, Mr. Downer arranged for a private plane to airlift Finley to a hospital for life-saving surgery.

After Finley returned home to Weldon, near Corby, Northamptonshire, he vowed never to venture into shark-infested waters again. Meanwhile, Mr. Downer reflected on the nightmare experience, acknowledging the bravery shown by his son and the invaluable assistance of strangers in saving his life.

While the family grapples with the aftermath of the harrowing ordeal, Mr. Downer has said that he doesn’t place any blame on the tour company. “It was an very unfortunate accident. We were led to believe the sharks weren’t dangerous but any animal can suddenly turn and bite, even a dog. It’s no one’s fault,” he said.

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Mr. Downer continued: “I’m happy to be seen as a bad parent who lets my kids do an excursion which I understood was safe. We didn’t think it was a risk, as much as you think these activities are safe things can happen so I hope it serves as a warning to other people.”

Despite the trauma inflicted by the shark attack, the Downer family remains grateful for the outpouring of support and the miraculous survival of young Finley.

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