Hospital Worker Won over $180 Million Lottery But Lost Her Family for a Heartbreaking Reason

When a woman from Scotland won a big jackpot in the lottery, she believed it would strengthen her family’s bonds. However, the unexpected consequences of her windfall led to a series of surprising events.

Winning the lottery is often seen as a ticket to a better life. But for Gillian Bayford, it came with an unexpected and heartbreaking cost. Her once-close family ties were severed, leaving her isolated and emotionally devastated.

Gillian hit the jackpot when she and her then-husband, Adrian Bayford, won a staggering £148 million (approximately $180 million) in the EuroMillions lottery in August 2012. At the time, she was a hospital worker from Haverhill, Suffolk.

She, her husband, and their children moved to an estate in Cambridgeshire. Sadly, she and Adrian went their separate ways 15 months after winning the prize.

In 2013, Adrian revealed that they divorced because they didn’t spend time together as a couple. He explained that he had spent his time working on maintaining their Georgian mansion. Despite their divorce, her ex-husband claimed they were good friends and got along well.

At first, winning so much money seemed like a dream come true. The life-changing sum allowed her to financially support her family. She was able to pay off her father’s business debts and share her newfound wealth with her loved ones.

But the money that was supposed to bring happiness and security instead sowed seeds of discord and resentment. In 2016, Brenda McCulloch, Gillian’s mother, opened up about the painful estrangement from her daughter.

According to Brenda, their relationship began to deteriorate shortly after her daughter’s massive win. Despite the financial help, Brenda claimed that Gillian cut off contact with her family, leaving the then 66-year-old woman heartbroken and longing to see her two grandchildren.

Brenda shared that she had not seen her grandchildren since May 2015. The situation reportedly brought immense emotional distress. “We got on fine with our grandchildren, and we love them. Gillian says that we didn’t try and get in touch with them, but if I’d tried, she wouldn’t have let me,” Brenda lamented.

Brenda claimed to have sent checks for the children’s birthdays, but they were not cashed. She believes this was a tactic by her daughter to tell her children that their grandmother never sent them anything.

The financial support Gillian provided to her family was not enough to keep the family together. She claimed to have paid off her father’s failed business debts of more than £750,000 (over $940,000). The millionaire revealed that her family was the first to receive money when she won, and she had given them £20 million, or around $25 million.

Additionally, Brenda and her husband Ian live in a £275,000 (over $340,000) penthouse apartment purchased by Gillian. However, nine months after buying her parents the apartment, they reportedly had another request.

They asked her to fund her then 41-year-old brother Colin’s new play center business worth £750,000 (over $940,000). But Gillian revealed in January 2024 that after financing him, Colin allegedly stopped talking to her.

She claimed her brother used the money for a house, Audi cars, and his wedding, which happened in secret and which he didn’t invite her to.

She also reportedly gave £1 million (over $1.2 million) each to her parents and brother. The millionaire defended herself, claiming her parents had no desire to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren.

“Every word that comes out of their mouths is a lie,” said Gillian, who relocated back to Scotland and now lives in Dundee. She added, “I wish them a happy life, but there will be no reconciliation now.” Brenda’s daughter shared that the whole matter was “upsetting and raw.”

She lamented how the money was supposed to make them happy but instead, it had made her family “demanding and greedy.” The millionaire felt her family had lost touch with where they came from, referencing her parents’ broke background, which saw them living in a caravan.

Gillian felt her family found it disgusting when she got attention and disowned her because she embarrassed them. She claimed their fallout with her was due to the publication of her story where she embarrassed her parents. Still, that did not stop them from gladly taking her money.

Despite the rift, she held her head high knowing she took her family out of the bad situations they were in. While her mother spoke ill of her, Gillian felt she and the family were the ones who brought “disrespect” to their family name in their village.

Things were so bad that people allegedly threatened to burn down their family home! The millionaire claimed her father tried to take control of her winnings. He reportedly didn’t stop there as he repeatedly tried claiming a stake in Gillian’s property business.

Gillian’s generosity extended far beyond her family. In 2016, she allegedly assisted the family of a disabled boy to buy and convert a house.

Since winning the lottery and divorcing Adrian, Gillian has moved on. Initially, it was reported that her fiancé was Alan Warnock, but it seems she ended up marrying a different man. In 2018, she tied the knot with Brian Deans.

She allegedly met him while he was living in a rundown Dundee flat. He had turned away from crime and worked on renovating properties. In 2012, he worked as a postman and had a second job running a music shop.

After marriage, he became used to having access to lots of money. Gillian reportedly treated him and his family to cars, holidays, clothes, and watches. He later moved into her mansion. After they married, the unemployed convict got a monthly allowance from his wife.

What’s significant about him is that he’s allegedly a conman who was convicted of stealing £13,000 (over $16,000) from Tesco. He was convicted of fraud the same month that Gillian won her money and spent six months in jail.

In 2020, Gillian welcomed another child with Brian during the COVID-19 lockdown at the age of 48. Talking about her winnings, she confessed that some things were easier because of it, but claimed it didn’t change much.

She revealed that she still had to change nappies and handle sickness regardless of how much she was worth. Sadly, Gillian’s story doesn’t seem to have a happy ending yet. In a March 2024 update, it was revealed that Gillian, 51 had kicked out the 43-year-old convict for squandering her millions.

Brian allegedly spent it on holidays, cars, and five-star football trips for his friends! But he didn’t stop there. He also reportedly gave his pals spending money while paying for everything else!

An insider said people needed to know he was paying, although he wasn’t; Gillian was. A source claimed that the way Brian spent his wife’s money, they could’ve ended up poor! His reckless spending reportedly left Gillian fearful that nothing would be left of her winnings.

Another source said the convict viewed his wife as nothing but a “cash machine.” The insider claimed Gillian threw money at her husband hoping it would make their marriage work. The person shared, “She’d think nothing of giving £20,000 (over $25,000) if he asked for it.

Yet, the money was never enough and Brian kept wanting more. Someone said the convict acted like he was the one who won the lottery, allowing the money to go to his head. An insider figured Gillian ended things with her husband in the nick of time.

Sources said cracks in their marriage had been showing for some time. One insider shared how Brian moved out after they had fights, but when he returned, his wife had bought him gifts.

An alleged friend noted how the former couple’s marriage didn’t seem happy. They said each time Brian moved out, he returned to a new car bought by his wife, to the point of losing count. Gillian was described as “besotted” with her husband.

Soon enough, the monthly allowance Brian got wasn’t cutting it as he tried to fund the extravagant lifestyle he got used to. A source revealed that sometimes he went running back to his wife asking for more money the day after getting his allowance.

The insider confessed that they didn’t know if Gillian ever denied him anything he wanted. They thought the millionaire was a bit naive about what was happening. To keep her husband happy and hoping for a fresh start, she even moved from Broughty Ferry outside Dundee to Auchterarder, Perthshire.

Gillian was in love and believed everything Brian told her. All she allegedly wanted was for their family to stay together.

Unfortunately, Gillian isn’t the only person whose relationship with her parents soured after she won the lottery. Adrian had to cut his parents off from his winnings after overhearing them trying to manipulate his son into convincing him to pay for an expensive trip.

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