TV star slept with over 700 men – now she’s been practicing abstinence for 15 months

A reality TV star from Australia went viral after confessing to having slept with over 700 men, but now says she’s confronted her ‘sex addiction’.

As per reports, Belinda “Love” Rygier, who appeared on The Bachelor Australia in 2017, revealed that there was a period in her life where she’d go out looking for sex up to six nights a week.

And while the numbers involved here might sound shocking to some, the 38-year-old later underwent a recovery program upon ultimately accepting the fact that she had a problem that needed to be confronted.

Being open about one’s sex life doesn’t come naturally to us all, while to the majority the idea of openly boasting about how many sexual partners you’ve had is, frankly, not the done thing.

Yet for Belina Rygier opening up on her total ‘body count’ was a step in the process to overcome her addiction after she shared that she had bedded no less than 700 men, though couldn’t be sure of the total number.

The TV star turned relationship guru told the You’re a Grub Mate! radio show in 2022 that she was eight years into her recovery, while she had been celibate for 15 months.

“I didn’t know I had the problem until I healed it. The issue was with my relationships and I kept attracting toxic men,” she explained.

“When I recovered I thought there was some unhealed trauma from my past that was causing my sex addiction.

“It ruled my life, but I was a functioning addict, I have a great career, you wouldn’t know on the surface.”

Belinda, who first found fame on The Bachelor Australia, said she’s “not ashamed” by her unusually high number of sexual partner, revealing that she would often go out up to six times a week to find someone to sleep with.

“Men were very good at telling me what I want to hear, it was about feeling beautiful and validated and loved rather than having the sex,” she said.

These days Belinda is practicing celibacy, stating her belief that people today use sex for the “wrong reasons”.

“Society has declined and we’re using sex for the wrong reason – which is a quick validation or moment,” she said.

“I will be having sex again but with someone I have a connection with.”

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