Vegan Takes Neighbors To Court Because She Can Smell The Meat From Their Grill

When being vegan you deal with some different problems than a normal non-vegan person. Finding strictly plant based foods rather than meat based. Veganism is a choice for most, but for some people, they have to become vegan due to medical reasons. In this case, however, Cilla Carden of Australia believed that her neighbors wanted to rub in her face that they eat beef by grilling food in their own yard close enough for her to be able to smell it.

She believes that they shouldn’t be allowed to grill in their backyard or be able to cook fish due to the smell going into her yard. Even though you are unable to control the way that the wind blows, she thinks that this is happening on purpose to mess with her.

Carden and her neighbor, Toan Vu, have had a feud between themselves for years, but now it has increased due to his grilling. She believes that he’s choosing to grill whenever he knows that she is going to be outside and that he grills close enough to her side of the fence to get the full fumes of the smell. Cilla said that she feels like her freedom is being stripped from her because she can not smell the outside air whenever he chooses to grill because of the smell of cooking meat. She also has concerns for his children about the noise they make when they’re playing at all hours of the day.

That someone should be controlling all the noise that the children make for she can’t hear it. Also, the heavy cigarette smoke that she’s able to smell outside keeps her from being able to enjoy the outdoors whenever she chooses. With all of that stress added to her, Carden hasn’t been able to get a good night’s rest and adding a bunch of unbearable stress to her daily life which is why she decided to finally sue her neighbors over everything.

A State Administrative Tribunal was done and her claims had gotten rejected, but that didn’t stop her. Carden then took this case to the Supreme Court in Australia, but even then her claims had gotten rejected and this case started spreading online and drawing attention.

People online started to make fun of her demands and eventually created an event to host a barbecue right in front of her house which later got took down due to Cilla’s lawyer saying that they would get them for trespassing. Her neighbors ended up having to turn everything around on her and proved that her demands were unreasonable and unrealistic. A bunch of her neighbors who would like to remain anonymous has said that Caden is getting a lot of backlashes now inside of her neighborhood.

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