Tipping at Restaurants in the United States

Some people see tipping as an inconvenience, and believe that the restaurant should pay their servers more. However, if this were to happen, it would likely result in higher food prices for customers.

Generally, an 18% tip is considered to be a good standard. However, there are customers who tip less and even some who don’t tip at all, depending on the service they received.

Recently, a server on TikTok expressed their frustration towards customers who tip less than 20%, referring to them as “lousy tippers”. They highlighted that leaving a five-dollar tip for a bill of $200 or more is not considered adequate. The server then proceeded to offer tips on how to calculate an appropriate tip.

While some people agreed with the server’s sentiments, others felt that their approach was too extreme. One person mentioned that they leave a generous tip simply because they want to, but were still put off by the server’s comments.

Another individual shared their perspective, criticizing servers for having a sense of entitlement and noting that inflation affects everyone.

The issue of tipping at restaurants is one that continues to be a topic of discussion, both for servers and for those who dine out.

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