Jimmy Kimmel Makes Stunning Confession, May Be Quitting TV For Good.

As Jimmy Kimmel gears up for his fourth round of hosting the Academy Awards, he’s dropping hints that his role as the face of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” might be reaching its twilight.

Speaking exclusively to the Los Angeles Times, the 56-year-old talk show maestro revealed that the current contract he’s under could potentially be his swan song. “I think this is my final contract,” Kimmel disclosed candidly, anticipating the skepticism his statement might evoke. “I hate to even mention it because everyone’s laughing at me now — each time I think that, and then it turns out to not be the case.

“Celebrating the 21st anniversary of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” has prompted introspection for Kimmel. Despite the milestone, he views the remaining two-plus years on his current contract as a satisfactory duration. “I still have a little more than two years left on my contract, and that seems pretty good,” he resounded. “That seems like enough.”

As he contemplates a potential shift from late-night television, Kimmel is uncertain about how he’ll fill his free time post-“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “It might not be anything that anyone other than me is aware of,” he remarked, providing a glimpse into his diverse interests, including cooking, drawing, and even exploring the art of sculpture.

Reflecting on the passing of his grandfather, Kimmel acknowledged the impact it had on him. Witnessing his grandfather’s unfulfilled aspirations left a lasting impression, stirring thoughts about his own journey. “I know that when I die, if I’m lucky enough to die on my own terms in my own bed, I’m going to think, ‘Oh, I was never able to get to this, and I was never able to get to that,’” he shared. “I just know it about myself.”

As the iconic host heads into the upcoming Academy Awards, the prospect of this being his final contract adds a layer of intrigue to his fourth stint at the Oscars helm. Kimmel’s ability to seamlessly transition between humor and sincerity in his late-night career is evident, and his upcoming hosting gig may serve as a pivotal moment as he navigates the potential conclusion of this chapter.

While the specifics of Kimmel’s post-“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” ventures remain uncertain, his candid revelations about the finite nature of his current contract invite viewers to contemplate the legacy he might leave behind. As the countdown to the Academy Awards begins, Kimmel’s dual roles as host and potential career transition take center stage, making this upcoming Oscars broadcast a memorable chapter in the late-night luminary’s distinguished career.

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