54-year-old Jennifer Lopez reveals her Ben Affleck tattoo in shoot for lingerie – “her ink is awful”

Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck in 2022, almost 20 years after the couple first broke up. In a surprising twist of fate, the couple got tattoos to commemorate their love and commitment to one another.

Keep reading to see what people had to say about the tattoos…

Earlier last year, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she got a tattoo to commemorate her love for Ben Affleck. The tattoo has got people talking once again now that Lopez modeled in some lingerie for a brand that brought attention to her tattoo again!

54-year-old Lopez posted on Valentine’s Day last year how she and Affleck marked their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. The couple apparently got complementary tattoos.

Lopez posted several photos of her and Affleck. In the first picture, you can clearly see her tattooed ribcage as she wears a crop top to show off her healing ink. The tattoo in question was an infinity sign with their names ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Ben’ written in cursive. There is also an arrow in the middle of the symbol, which rests on Lopez’s ribcage.


She also posted a snap of Affleck’s new tattoo in the same series of pictures. The actor’s tattoo featured arrows crossing on another. On top of where the tattoos intersected, the letter ‘J’ was written, and on the bottom of their intersection, ‘B’ was written.

The post also had adorable pictures of the couple on boats and enjoying one another’s company in general. She also included some throwbacks of the couples’ pictures from decades ago, when they dated the first time around. In the caption of the post, she wrote, “Commitment  Happy Valentine’s Day my love 🤍.” She used several hashtags to reiterate her feelings, one of them being ‘commitment is sexy’ and two others which read, ‘this is us then’ and ‘this is us now’ to show how far they have come.

While the post elicited many heartwarming comments, there were also those who thought the tattoos were a bit much. One person wrote, “They will divorce in the future,” while another added, “Her ink is awful. It will blur and fade over time.” Another frustrated user wrote, “cheap ass tattoo for some billionaires.”

Lopez, who is the brand ambassador for lingerie brand Intimissi, was featured in the campaign for the brand’s ‘Silky Intimates’ collection, where her tattoo honoring her beloved husband was proudly on display.

The couple married in Las Vegas just before midnight on July 16. Just a few months after they revealed their engagement.

The elopement was never planned. In fact, the couple was set to have an elaborate wedding. Lopez shared in an interview, “We were planning to get married in August in Savannah, the family was going to be there, everyone’s going to be there and it was so stressful.”

“A month before, and I don’t know if you guys know this, but 20 years ago we were supposed to get married,” she said as a joke, referring to the couples’ famous engagement in 2002.


“I heard that, I read that,” Kimmel said, joining in on the joke.

“It kind of all fell apart back then and this time, I absolutely had a little PTSD and so I was like, ‘Is this happening?’ ” shared Lopez.

“We were so happy, and of course it was happening, but I just felt like the wedding was so stressful and one day Ben just says, ‘F— it, let’s just go to Vegas and get married tonight.’”


“I was just like, ‘This is crazy, what are we doing?’ ” she went on, saying that Affleck had everything handled and reassured her that he was “going to have everything set up.”

“So then you get on a Spirit Airlines flight,” Kimmel quipped, causing Lopez to chuckle.

“It was the best day of our lives,” Lopez said of her own shotgun wedding.

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