Homeless Man Asks What He Can Buy With $0.50 At Burger King, Employee’s Response Stuns Everyone

Note: We are republishint this feel-good story from June 2016 about a teenager named Matthew Resendez and his act of compassion.

Michelle Resendez, Matthew’s mother, shared the story on Facebook, highlighting her son’s kind gesture and the unexpected reward it brought.

While working at Burger King, Matthew encountered a homeless man. The man approached the counter with 50 cents, unsure of what he could buy.

Photo Credit: Viral Stories

Recognizing the man’s need, Matthew offered a heartwarming solution. He bypassed the usual transaction and asked the man what he’d order if money wasn’t an issue. The man simply said anything to satisfy his hunger.

Matthew, without hesitation, used his own debit card to purchase a full meal for the man. He then invited him to relax and wait for his food.

“This could have been a heartwarming story on its own,” Michelle wrote in her post.

However, the kindness didn’t stop there. A witness to the interaction, impressed by Matthew’s empathy, took action. She not only commended Matthew’s actions to the company but also left him a generous $100 tip.

Photo Credit: Viral Stories

Michelle expressed her pride in her son, crediting her role in raising such a compassionate young man. The Facebook post resonated with many, garnering over 40,000 shares and 147,000 likes. People praised Matthew for his act of kindness, with many commenting on his character and the positive impact of his actions.

This story serves as a reminder of the power of human kindness and the ripple effects it can create.

Watch the video below:

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