8-Year-Old Artistic Prodigy Creates A Stunning Picture Of Jesus!

Art is something that many of us appreciate. We may take time trying to understand more about it or perhaps, we may even pick up a pen or paintbrush and try it for ourselves.

Although we can certainly learn how to be better artists, there are some people who are born with a natural ability. That includes Akiane Kramarik, who was an 8-year-old artist who took the world by surprise.


Akiane Kramarik lives in Idaho with her family who consider themselves to be nonreligious. She wasn’t given a concept of God by her parents, but like many children, she had an inborn curiosity about religion.

More than likely, you have seen pictures of Jesus that have been drawn by various individuals. Those pictures are not accurate depictions or are not true images of what the Messiah looked like, as nobody really knows.

We do know a few things about Jesus and how he would’ve looked. More than likely, as a Jew, he would’ve had a beard and he likely wore the clothing of the day, which included fringes on the edges of the clothing.


Aside from that, however, we really don’t have any idea what he looks like. We don’t know about the shape of his nose or eyes. We have no idea of his eye color or even the color of his hair.

All you really have is the depiction of what he may have looked like that has been drawn by artists through the years. Many of those artists don’t even agree on what he looked like, but this young girl had no doubt.

She drew a picture of him at only eight years old and is now sharing it online as a young adult. She claims to have seen him in her dreams, but regardless of how she got the idea, it’s amazing that a young child could have this much talent.

Her parents wanted the artwork to be celebrated by others so they sent it off to an international art show. Unfortunately, it was stolen but they did get it back after a lot of hard work.

It was also damaged in the process, which is disappointing for the family.

After this took place, she continued with her artistic pursuits to paint a number of other masterpieces. She is also someone who loves peace, and she travels the world to promote it.

Talent takes on many different forms, and undoubtedly, Akiane Kramarik has a talent that very few others share.

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