‘Squatter’ who took over $1 million home and demands $18,000 to leave claims he ‘did nothing wrong’

Brian ‘Jay’ Rodriguez claims that he did nothing wrong in a row over his ‘squatting’ in a home in New York
A man embroiled in a court case over his alleged squatting in a $1 million property has claimed that he did ‘nothing wrong’.
Landlord Adele Andaloro had inherited the property in Queens, New York, and noticed that the locks and the front door had been changed while she was trying to sell it earlier this year.
Andaloro entered the house, carrying her property deed, and found two people inside.
She went on to suggest one of the men called the police, saying: “They’ve called the police on me and I’ve called the locksmith. We didn’t come in illegally, the door was open.”

Police then escorted the two people out of the property. However, another man later arrived, claiming to be the person who had leased the house.

Since Andaloro had changed the locks, she was ultimately arrested for unlawful eviction.

The man was later identified as Brian Rodriguez, who claimed to have signed a lease with a realtor, as well as having paid for work to be done to the house.

He said he would leave ‘if she pays me my money that I put in the house’ adding: “Pay me the money and I’ll leave or send me to court it’s that simple.”

Rodriguez has since been charged with burglary and grand larceny after it was found that he was not in the property legally.

But he has now claimed that he has not done anything wrong.

Explaining why, he claimed that he had a lease but was not aware that the lease was not a valid.

Rodriguez told the Daily Mail: “It was a lease somebody got me. It’s a fake lease, pretty much, now. I didn’t know that at the time.”

He added: “I wasn’t hiding in the house,” as well as asserting that he ‘didn’t do a thing wrong’.

According to the outlet, Rodriguez is wearing an ankle monitor and is only permitted to leave home for his court appearances.

Rodriguez continues to assert that he ‘never disrespected Ms. Andalaro’.

He said: “It wasn’t that I was screaming at her. That video make me look like an animal and it wasn’t like that.

Andaloro was arrested after the initial confrontation. (ABC7)

“I didn’t realize she was behind the door. There were other guys in the house it’s just how the media portrayed me.”

For her part, Andaloro was left furious after she was arrested during the initial confrontation.

She said: “It’s not fair that I, as the homeowner, have to be going through this.”

When the charges were first announced in April, District Attorney Melinda Katz said: “Criminal charges will be pursued when you unlawfully occupy someone else’s home. You cannot just enter a home without permission, then stay without permission and later claim vested rights simply because the legitimate owner is unaware and has been unable to remove you for 30 days.

“The defendant in this case is alleged to have entered and stayed in the house unlawfully. He has now been charged with burglary and grand larceny.”
As per the Daily Mail, the ‘case is still pending’.

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