Rich Man Mocks Poor Heavy Woman on the Plane until He Hears Captain’s Voice Speaking to Her

James Courtney dreaded his flight the moment he saw the large woman seated next to him in first class. Annoyed, he lashed out, mocking her size and saying, “Lady, when you travel you need to book TWO seats!” The woman’s eyes filled with tears, and she turned to the window to hide her pain.

Ignoring his cruelty, the flight attendant asked her, “Ma’am, would you like anything to drink?” She replied, “Yes please, a diet Coke.” James scoffed, “Don’t you think it’s a bit late in the game for a diet Coke?”

Later, the flight attendant came back with a surprise, “The captain is a huge fan, and he’d love to invite you up to the cockpit.” James watched as the woman, identified as Allison Jones, left with the flight attendant.

The captain’s voice soon announced, “We have a celebrity among us! If you are fans of ‘I Love Opera’ like me, you will recognize the voice!” The passengers cheered as Allison sang.

Returning to her seat, Allison confronted James, “You shouldn’t treat people like that, EVER! You know, I can’t help my weight, but you can change your attitude.” Humbled, James stayed silent for the rest of the flight.

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