Robin Williams’ wife finally shares the reason why he took his own life. “He told me one day: I can no longer..

Susan Williams, Robin Williams’ widow, recently revealed the true cause behind her husband’s tragic death. “Lewy body dementia killed Robin. It’s what took his life,” she shared in an interview, shedding light on his final struggles. She described their journey together, battling an “invisible monster” of symptoms that doctors later identified as a severe form of the disease. “It was like whack-a-mole with the symptoms,” she recalled.

Robin Williams was found dead in 2014, his death ruled asphyxia by hanging. Susan remembered their last poignant conversation, a week before his passing, when he planned neurocognitive testing. “Good night, my love,” he said sadly, moments before his final goodbye.

Following his death, Robin’s ashes were scattered over San Francisco Bay, a place he cherished deeply. Despite his comedic genius and acting prowess, Susan emphasized his struggle with anxiety and the devastating progression of Lewy body dementia. “Doctors described how he must have been going through hell,” she added.

Reflecting on his life and legacy, Susan’s revelation aims to raise awareness about the challenges Robin faced, beyond public perception. “He was one of the greatest actors and comedians ever, but more importantly, he was a great person,” she concluded, honoring his memory and the complex battle he fought.


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